Monday, 2 May 2011

6 days of 6 sentences, day 2

In the spirit of yesterday's 6 sentences, I have decided to keep this up for 5 more days. totalling 6 days of 6 sentence stories. Maybe yesterday's won't count as a story as it didn't have a strict end. But for now, at least, it has an end, and i think that it is fine. It may well be extended at some point but for now it is done.  And yes some of them may be more prose or poetical, but as long as the have 6 sentences, everyone is happy. It's just a lovely excerise for me to work my writing brain steams.

So here is todays

A dusky blue sky as the hours ticked on. The tree looks black as branches expand over the window; it seems to merge with the garden below it. My thoughts drift momentarily to him, I wonder what he is doing, and if he was thinking about me. Such a change yet everything is calm. The TV is just noise, but I stare intently waiting for words to come. And then realise, everything is just beginning.

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