Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Put a sock in it inner me

as i sit here, i am eating chocolate, even though i know i shouldn't be, infact, inner me is sat shouting at me, "STOP, STEP AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE, STOP I SAY" yet for some reason i am not listening to said inner voice. ah well.

on a similar note, they are re-releasing Orange Areos, could it get any better? The aeros of the orangeness are back in shops, and i will have to buy one of them, maybe more than one! I just have to find somewhere that sells them.

I realise this post has turned into more of a post about chocolate but hey hoe, thats just the way it goes.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nel Jessopp

I'm dedicating this post to the amazing Miss Nel Jessopp, she is without a doubt the funniest person I have ever met in my whole life! Her blog is amazing and she herself is utterly amazing.

she's as amazing as icecream on a hot day, hot chocolate in winter and santa at xmas! seriously cannot tell you how wonderful she is!

   <----- amazing person --  follow her blog people

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I potentially found a solution to my job problem, but i am begining to wonder if it is such a good idea, its a big risk but amazing money. And safty is an issue. but if the situation is desperate, is it worth the risk?

I just feel stuck in a rut with no way out of it.

I'm very stressed and not in a good way stressed. permanent shaking and raw nerves are not good.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Goodnight Sweetheart

i'm watching goodnight sweetheart, its making want to go live in WW2, or at least go and live in a different time, wouldn't it be so cool if we could time travel? where would  you guys live, and why?

could things get worse? ........they just did

New charger arrives and doesn't work, my phone is also now BROKEN, so i need to spend a great % of my au pair "pocket money" to get a temp phone! 
my life appears to be on epic FAIL

 epic epic epic fail!

 epic epic epic fail!

I do think someone up there is having a laugh at me, i kinda want to bang my head against a wall, or drink lots of whisky, i'm too poor to buy whisky, so........go figure.

I'm not even stressed in a good way, it blood pressure boiling, angry shaking, wanting to pull my own  face off stress, and to top it all, apparently most people are incapable of communicating via email when you are phoneless.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011



[hol-i-dey] Show IPA
a day fixed by law or custom on which ordinary business is suspended in commemoration of some event or in honor of some person.
any day of exemption from work ( distinguished from working day).
a time or period of exemption from any requirement, duty, assessment, etc.: New businesses may be granted a one-year tax holiday.
a religious feast day; holy day, especially any of several usually commemorative holy days observed in judaism.
Sometimes, holidays. Chiefly British . a period of cessation from work or one of recreation; vacation.
an unintentional gap left on a plated, coated, or painted surface.
of or pertaining to a festival; festive; joyous: a holiday mood.
suitable for a holiday: holiday attire.
–verb (used without object)
Chiefly British . to vacation: to holiday at the seaside.
I have posted the meaning of holiday in order to remind myself what one is, its years since i've had a holiday, and i miss them greatly. I would love to just go off and sun myself, preferably with the girls, Like Laura, Laura, Nel and Kerrie. and we could spend a week in the sun writing and making Danny, Ted, Noel and Patches jealous!

next day delivery my a**e

Paid for next day delievery on my new phone charger as i'm can't be without my phone much longer, and is it here is it buggery. Face is seriously hacked off.
I'm so stressed right now it is unreal. if anyone wants to step into my shoes for the day, they are more than welcome. am at the stage where i want to bang my head against a wall.
That and i've hacked off my friend *Stitch by telling him the truth about something. I always thought it was the right thing to tell the truth but apparently not!
I would love to disappear for a week right now, just totally but myself off from the world, and take some to time to destress, relax and sort out this shed that is passing for a brain.

*name changed!

Monday, 7 February 2011

The world is a scary place and I've figured out if you surround yourself with bad situations and people, you end up doing stupid things. I sometimes don't like the person I've become after Uni. and I tend to get into bad places with no way of leaving them, like for example being stuck without a real job.
I don't want to be wholly negative but its been a crap few days with the exception of seeing *Bear on Saturday, but *Bear is a whole other story, the story i will explain in another update.
I do 3 school runs a day and its like i'm looking into my future being a pram pushing mum who drinks tea and watches jeremy kyle.
I'm currently watching being human, and would love to have a relationship like George and Nina or Mitchell and Annie. Just wonder if it is ever going to happen.
Anyway i must go on the school run :(
I hate the judgemental mothers in the playground. Grrrr :(

First post

I've set up this blog to talk about life, its been an interesting year and it all seems to be a bit stuck 17th Feb will mark the exact day this past year got interesting. But alas it it wasn't always good interesting, it was good interesting from 17th Feb 2010 until 15th October 2010. Then it got bad interesting. I want the same as everyone else in the world, job, family, house, a dog (maybe not everyone) Living in someone else's house as an au pair isn't the worst thing in the world but its not where I want to be forever. I'd also like a relationship that lasts more than 5 minutes. I'm begining to wonder if i made the right decision to leave Ormskirk. I ask myself every day why I left, hindsight is a wonderful thing for sure.
I have soe great friends, but i rarely get to see them, especially the uni people, whom i miss loads.
I always lived my life by the idea that everything happens for a reason, but now i'm not so sure, there never seems to be reasons for all of this.