Thursday, 21 April 2011

new post

I am once again very sorry for my lack of postage. I have now moved again and LOVE LOVE LOVE loving the new place, and am hoping its an opportunity to leave all the crap behind me and really get into the idea and basics of my new job. I love my new job and love the people, they are indeed very lush. I plan on flying to the US of A next year in order to see a very good friend of mine as I have not seen her for far too long.

I is a lovely hot day here and i want to be outside with something of a very large glass on zinfandel but alas i have children to look after and i have to drive later so this is off the agenda for these very important reasons, both as equally important as the other reason.

I will probably have to indulge in a cider once the children have gone to bed.......a good cider not the white lightening often seen in the hands of chavs at the local park. its the new stuff made by stella which i am hoping will be very nice. i will of coure tell you if it was.

I have something of a long journey tomorrow, 5 hours in total to get back to my home town for easter. 3 hours on a direct train and the rest driving. but i am sure it will be worth it as i get to see my mum and the dog micky. not to mention the family. and i will be indulging in a bevvy or 2 tomorrow night with the girls, as it has also been too long since i have done this.  So i would hope it is going to a good one.

I will write to all you lovely people soon xxxxxx