Friday, 9 March 2012

Smokey Weekend

I am currently preparing for a weekend in the big smoke :D
i love London, there is a great sense of belonging there for me, I love sense of hiding, being anyone you want to be, the romanticism. Theatre Land, stories of murder and history and fairy tales. Wondering who has walked there before me years ago. The grubby east end and the sparkly west end both as deeply filled with controversy and secrets.
A trip to Covent Garden and followed by Lindy Hop later on. All makes for a great time. just a shame I'll miss the man.

Monday, 5 March 2012


hello boys and girls, I hope this post finds you all well. Well, today has certainly been interesting. i have had a number of revelations, first of all, people do change. Let me explain, not everyone changes, but people grow and become new people. i myself, have done that. Looking at some friends today, I beame annoyed by their solutions to problems and their attitudes, the sad thing is, i used to be just like them and I'm begining to wonder how we have remained friends. Certainly if we met now, no way would we even get on, let alone be friends. it is a sad day when you realise that, and I can't help but wonder what it was that made me change and why have altered as much as i have.Maybe it;s the people i've met who have been a good influence on me. But I know this is a good thing, its just a shame other people can't move with the times.
Secondly, i have been putting my trust and faith in the wrong people. Trusting someone when I shouldn't has left me feeling really stupid, as in hindsight I realise it has been going on all along but i was too blind to see it. Telling more lies to cover up the first lies and it does make one wonder why people feel the need to lie. Is our friendship not worth the truth? but it has made me realise more than ever that i have been mislaying my trust and now i have to try make ammends for that. and the person who has broken my trust will have to be kept at arms length and i just have to bare in mind always that they aren't the person i thought they were. But all of this is a learning curve and one that I am happy to undertake. Wish me luck people xx