Monday, 20 February 2012

Writing bug

I have the writing bug, so be prepared for many more bloglike updates. I also have much to share with my lovely readers. I must now introduce you to the new man in my life. Who is the only straight man I've met who knows more about musical theatre than I do. Though I did out do him on the first date. I actually do mean this time if I get 10 comments I will name and shame the man, and do a shameless plug for his sell out muscial........yes he's a writer and musician with his own musical. Which I might add was a sell out. :) see, the shamelss plugs have already started. And without him good am i? ;)

I must say the past few days have been very interesting. Thus having the bug of writing and the need to get these ideas out of my head. So please stand by for many updates, which, I think will be a refreshing change from my usual rubbishness when it comes to updating. So watch this space my lovely readers.

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