Monday, 7 February 2011

The world is a scary place and I've figured out if you surround yourself with bad situations and people, you end up doing stupid things. I sometimes don't like the person I've become after Uni. and I tend to get into bad places with no way of leaving them, like for example being stuck without a real job.
I don't want to be wholly negative but its been a crap few days with the exception of seeing *Bear on Saturday, but *Bear is a whole other story, the story i will explain in another update.
I do 3 school runs a day and its like i'm looking into my future being a pram pushing mum who drinks tea and watches jeremy kyle.
I'm currently watching being human, and would love to have a relationship like George and Nina or Mitchell and Annie. Just wonder if it is ever going to happen.
Anyway i must go on the school run :(
I hate the judgemental mothers in the playground. Grrrr :(

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